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Gardening by the Moon - Cooler temperatures have arrived!

Now that cooler temperatures have finally arrived, it is time to prep your yards for winter.

Follow Dr. Moon's checklist now to make your spring yard work more manageable:

  1. Clean up plant debris and remove dead plants

  2. Prune trees

  3. Cut back perennials and remove wilting flowers

  4. Fertilize lawns and beds

  5. Add fresh mulch

  6. Apply a pre-emergent to prevent weeds

  7. Empty containers and store them for the winter

  8. Clean up gardening tools to prevent rust

  9. Wrap outdoor faucets

  10. Control weeds with a post-emergent

  11. Lower your mower blade height

  12. Plant winter color

  13. Dial back your irrigation controller


For more details, download the newsletter below.

Gardening by the Moon - Nov 2022
Download PDF • 1.95MB


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