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Signage Request Guidelines​

The addition or modification of signage pertaining to traffic regulation within the limits of the District requires approval by the Denton County Commissioners Court after a public hearing. A traffic study is a required part of this approval process, to determine whether such signs are warranted.

All new signage requests in Belmont Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 of Denton County must meet the following requirements prior to consideration.

Please note that Board approval of a traffic study does not guarantee installation of the new signage. The traffic study results must demonstrate support for the requested signage.

1. A Request for Consideration (RFC) must be signed by at least 10 residents who are in favor of the request and live within one block, in any direction, of the intersection in question. The RFC must include names and addresses of the residents. Only one signature per household will be accepted.

2. The RFC must also include the signatures of the residents who live at the intersection, stating their support for the signage, and acknowledging that it may be placed on their property.

3. The RFC will then be presented to the Board at a monthly Board meeting for review and consideration by the Board and the District’s engineer.

4. If approved, the Board will request a quote for a traffic study to determine the validity of the sign request.

5. The Board will review the quote with the District’s engineer and determine if the proposal is reasonable and within the District’s budget.

6. If approved, the traffic study will be performed.

7. Once the study has been conducted, the traffic engineer will present their findings to the Board.

8. The Board will consider whether to request quotes for installation of signage based on the recommendations of the engineer's report. The quotes will be presented at a subsequent meeting for review and consideration.

9. If the quotes are approved, the proposed modifications are submitted to Denton County Commissioner's Court for approval.

10. Upon approval by the Commissioners’ Court, the signage will be ordered for installation.

Completed requests should be submitted using the Contact Us form.

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