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Spring Gardening Tips

The weather has started to warm and it's time to get your yards in top shape! Dr. Moon offers some tips to set your landscape up for success throughout the year.

  • Remove freeze damage. If your plants suffered damage during the winter freeze, trim plants back to where the new growth begins.

  • Prevent summer weeds. Apply a pre-emergent to your lawn and beds. The ideal treatment schedule mid-March, mid-May and mid-September, but it's still not too late for the first application.

  • Treat existing weeds. If you have weeds that have already germinated, apply weed control for southern grasses.

  • Fertilize your yard. Following the package directions, apply fertilizer to your lawn and shrub beds using a spreader.

  • Control fire ants. Treat your landscape with a pesticide that prevents fire ants.

  • Don't overwater. Your lawn needs water, but too much water can cause brown patches due to Pythium disease. Water in the early morning hours so the grass has time to dry out before nightfall.

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