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Belmont FWSD 1 Approves Tax Relief for Over 65 & Disabled

Belmont FWSD 1 Approves Homestead Exemption for Residents Over 65 or Disabled

At their March meeting, the Board of Supervisors of Belmont Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 of Denton County approved a $30,000 homestead exemption for residents who are over 65 or disabled.

Property tax exemptions reduce the tax burden on residents in these specific groups.

Under the current tax rate, this exemption represents a savings of $270 a year on a $400,000 home.

To apply for the exemption, please visit the Denton Central Appraisal District website. Eligible homeowners should apply for the exemption no later than April 30 of the year for which the exemption is being requested. Read the Order here.

Learn more about property taxes in this short video!


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