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Trees are the Name of the Game

What can you do to help your trees grow into majestic, beautiful trees? Here are a few tips from Dr. Moon:

  1. If you lose a tree, replant the tree. If your tree was severely damaged and you had to cut the entire top of the tree out to remove dead wood, it should be replaced.

  2. Spray your entire tree with Neem Oil to control overwintering insects, mites and some diseases. Apply in February or March, following the instructions on the label.

  3. Apply Bayer Bio-Advanced Granular Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. The product has provides systemic insect control as well as plant food. Apply at the same time as the Neem Oil to prevent insect attacks during the summer.

  4. If your trees are healthy and have no signs of freeze damage, apply 1/2 pound of lawn fertilizer per inch of trunk diameter to keep trees healthy and vigorous. Apply evenly around the tree trunk in February or March and then again in summer and fall.

  5. Check any guide wires or your trees and remove stakes once the tree is well rooted. DO NOT allow guide wires to cut into the tree trunk.

  6. Water your established trees once or twice a week during the summer. New trees may need more water.

  7. Remove all root sprouts and sucker growth from the tree.

  8. Prune canopies so you can walk under the tree.

  9. Monitor your trees closely for insects or disease.


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